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Trying w.bloggar, how about it

Immediately, I see that w.bloggar does not have a quick way to enter Technorati tags which is very sweetly done in qumana.

In w.bloggar, there is File > New Post. When I setup w.bloggar it did ask for ‘account’. And I have the ability to select an account.

Let’s post this and see if my default author name shows up. Hmm… no, the author does not show up. What am I missing?!?


And a developer was fixing my wordpress categories, now his/her name is set as the author! lol.  Fixed – set back to my author name.

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Gig here and a gig there

What does it mean when you have a big memory card and it’s full?
My computer’s going to freeze.

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Using Qumana

I like using Qumana to post. I like not having to log into my website and use the fine WordPress interface.

Here are a few issues with Qumana version 2.0 build which may or may not have been addressed. I haven’t bothered to go search and see if there’s an answer, just want to jot this down.

  1. In Qumana, I’m able to Tab-tab from the field Title, Categories, Tags and the journal entry. However, I am unable to use Shift-Tab to go back ‘up’ to those previous fields. This is normal Windows behavior to be able to Tab and Shift-Tab back and forth between fields. What do you think?
  2. I’m using a WordPress blog. After posting in Qumana, I noticed that “Posted by” is blank and does not default to my set ‘author’. Perhaps this is something within WordPress? It would be very nice to default to a set ‘author’. Otherwise, I will have to go back and edit each post that I used with Qumana and re-add the author.
  3. I ‘Post’ an entry to the website. Done. Then I go and retreive the last 10 posts. I double-click on one of my previous posts to look at. Nice. Now, I want to go create a new post. I don’t want to edit a previous one. Where do I now go to create a new post? I’m thinking I want to clear out what is on my screen. Get rid of the post I’m currently reviewing. Get a clean screen. I’m expecting to go to File > Create New Post so I would get a fresh start. Hmmm. Nothing there. In the end, I quit Qumana and started again. Silly huh?

What I like:

  • Tags field. Enter some tags. Click Technorati button and voila, tag line.
  • I like the interface. Quick and easy to just jump right in and start typing a blog post.
  • It’s free (for now).


Qumana’s blog
Arienna’s Blogaholics Consulting
Tris Hussey’s Blog

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neat TV, Hellen Buttigieg, Hostess with the Mostess

Hellen Buttigieg, the hostess with the mostest for neat tv, is up for the 20th Annual Gemini Best Lifestyle Host Award. It’s a show about organizing, letting go of clutter, physically and emotionally, with big tips on how to do it. Hellen is the President of “We Organize U” and a Professional Organizer and Life Coach. Cool.
I saw a few shows and I jotted down some notes. It has helped me already. Thank you!
Often I have clutter in my head, clutter in my heart, and clutter in my closet and drawers, too! Getting rid of excess and the no-longer-needed is an important part of our western materialistic world. Don’t you find sometimes being overly attached to your material goods? It is definitely good to let go.
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Hello world!

Welcome to my blog! This is my first post.

WordPress is beautiful!

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